Ollie Hirst

World Heart Day 2019

World Heart Day x Print Social

I’ve had Congenital Heart Block since birth and like to think I live positively with it.
I put my heart into things, but it get’s help from time to time. I’m proudly fitted with a pacemaker!

So for this year’s #WorldHeartDay (29th Sept), I’ve teamed up with Print Social to make a limited edition tee to raise awareness of heart disease, so you too can wear it on your chest proudly.
Heart health isn’t just about going for the odd run or eating your greens now and then, it’s also taking the time for self-care, cultivating friendships and living your life to the full - all of which I’m fortunate to be able to do thanks to modern medicine.

By supporting this campaign and pre-ordering a tee, you not only get to own a piece of my work, but you will also be donating to the British Heart Foundation.

You have 2 weeks to preorder and raise awareness of heart disease. Click here to order!

Commission for Print Social